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Did you know that the average CEO reads 52 books per year?

I get it though, girl. You're busy running your business. Who has time for that? This is why I wrote the CliffsNotes for the most important book of all; the one every female biz owner should know about - Profit First.


Ready To Get Growing? Listen Up.

My name is Deborah, and I'm a Financial Coach for women in business ready to make more, keep more, and ball out more. As a Cash Flow Queen teaching female entrepreneurs everywhere, I've won awards, spoken on stages and been featured in media, but what should matter most to you is that I know what I'm doing when it comes to managing money. I've worked in financial cash flow management for over 15 years across multiple industries and I'm one of the few people nationwide certified in the Profit First system. I've used it to scale my company and those of my clients and now I want to help you. 

So, you ready to download my CliffsNotes version of the Profit First book, the only book you need to start getting profitable?

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In The Next 10 Minutes, You'll Learn The Insider Secrets On:

1. The BASICS of Profit First for your business

2. How to actually apply it-- STARTING TODAY

3. How the Pros use Profit First for maximum success

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